Hi, I'm Thoko.
I'm an Experience Designer in Montreal, QC.


I believe that great design starts with asking the right people the right questions. When it comes to design, there's nothing I love more than having my assumptions challenged and proven wrong. It's the stuff of "Eureka!" moments.

I hail from Rome, Italy, where I grew up, ate a lot of pizza, and started my first freelance web design projects. Now, I'm living in Montreal (still eating a lot of pizza) and working on a cross-functional Web and Communications team over at the McGill Executive Institute.

Everyday, I get to design meaningful, human-centered, digital experiences for professionals from all over the world. I make it my personal mission to foster a positive, design-driven culture. I constantly look for opportunities to demonstrate value of human-centered design, and help others develop that "designer instinct".

When I'm not pushing pixels, you'll find me knitting, painting, cooking, brushing up on my coding skills, dragging my friends to karaoke or hosting UX Design Lunch & Learns at the office.

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