Hi, I'm Thoko.
A designer in Rome, IT Montreal, QC.

a black and white photo of Thoko Phiri against a bright yellow backdrop

I believe that great design starts with asking the right people the right questions. When it comes to design, there's nothing I love more than having my assumptions challenged and proven wrong. It's the stuff of "Eureka!" moments.

I hail from Rome, Italy, where I grew up, ate a lot of good food, embarked on my first freelance web design project and wrote my first lines of code. Today, I'm living in Montreal, and part of a multidisciplinary SaaS team at Deloitte Digital.

Every day, I get to design data-driven, human-centered, digital experiences for people all over the world, while being an advocate for a positive, design-driven culture in the workplace.

I’ve been lucky enough to have the opportunity to wear many hats in my professional life: designer, marketer, communicator, illustrator, content creator, presentation guru and avid coffee drinker.

My experiences, both personal and professional, have taught me how to keep my head in the clouds and both feet planted on the ground—a philosophy that I bring into every design project I do. I’m a life-long learner, curious about psychology, astrophysics, technology and the human experience.

When I'm not pushing pixels, you'll find me knitting, painting, cooking, frequenting Montreal's many poutine restos, writing or hosting UX Design Lunch & Learns at the office.

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